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Until It Beats No More is a personal blog.

My name is Amanda (a.k.a. Taina) and I am 23 years old. I'm an inspiration and imagination-full, life-loving and an artistic girl. Currently I live in Helsinki, Finland. I love to express my mind in any way possible, whether it is singing, photographing, writing or drawing or simply saying my thoughts out loud. Those are the tools I use when I want to tell a message to people.
I am somewhat mysterious. I am not letting people too close, 'cause I don't trust people so easily. I think more than I speak. Often some may think they can read me but are more commonly mistaken. I've always been different and "ahead of others". And by no means my purpose is not to brag about it. I hope that I find someone similar to me some day. In the mean time, I could share things that I do or love:
Things I love mostly in life are pretty simple but here're some:
watching treetops in the wind, watching leaves in the wind, darkness and the lights at night time, roadtrips/cardrives,
summer, greennes, the moon, the Sun, rain, space, stars, freshly cut grass, watching meadows and forests,
walking in the woods, loving when it's genuine and peaceful, animals, the Earth, children, nature, sunsets
and break of dawns, singing, music, dancing, movies, photographing, acting, filming, modeling, poems, writing, thunders, lightnings, mountains etc.


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